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  • Simply Wild

    Simply Wild Play now
    Simply Wild is back for you !!
  • Sizzling Peppers

    Sizzling Peppers Play now
  • Jumbo Joker

    Jumbo Joker Play now
  • Turboreel

    Turboreel Play now
    Another instant classic only found on ClassicJackpot. Bets of 1 credit in the bottom game help you ease into the play, while the top game will give you good odds with bets of 4 to 16 credits. Don’t let the catchy win tune take your mind of the big prize! Play Turboreel now and get that blast from the past to make your gaming night complete.
  • Random Runner

    Random Runner Play now
  • Club 2000

    Club 2000 Play now
  • ReelCash

    ReelCash Play now
    If you’ve never played Reel Cash, you’re not a real gamer. With big prizes, great odds, and comfortable game play, it’s easy to see why we love Reel Cash so much at Classic Jackpot. For over decades, this has been the machine for the champions. Do you feel like a champion? Start playing Reel Cash!
  • Reelghost

    Reelghost Play now
    All-time favorite Reel Cash has a mysterious brother, Reel Ghost. This spooky and seductive slot machine is actually more fun than scary. There are endless ways of collecting big prizes and the odds are smiling at you like a friendly phantom! Just fill up the Reel Ghost matrix and activate 1 of the 5 features, or collect up to 200 win points. The sky is the limit!
  • Twin Joker

    Twin Joker Play now
  • Turboplay

    Turboplay Play now
    Get nostalgic with our instant classic Lotus! The realistic looks and game play bring back a lot of memories. If the retro look and fantastic blue colors don’t make you want to play, the great odds surely do!
  • Random 2 Wild

    Random 2 Wild Play now
  • Random 2 Win

    Random 2 Win Play now
  • Tropicana

    Tropicana Play now
    Remember the banknotes and coins? In this online version of Tropicana, catching these means winning even more credits! The question marks in the top game add even more to the fun. Each one earns you a mystery prize of 200 points! The bottom game also hands out a mystery prize when you fill a line with swirls. So start collecting your credits with Tropicana!
  • Classic SE

    Classic SE Play now
    Meet the Classic Special Edition. The undisputed champion of the game rooms has been brought to life online and updated for more fun and a luxurious experience. When it comes to betting variety, the Classic Special Edition is the king. Start out with relaxed 1 credit bets and raise the stakes up to 32 credits as you start to feel more confident. Only for true slot lovers!
  • Allways Fruits

    Allways Fruits Play now
    You can play with very low stakes and with high stakes on this slot to win big prizes.
  • Eye of Ra

    Eye of Ra Play now
    This ancient slot is ready to win.
  • Dirty Jack

    Dirty Jack Play now
  • Fruity Looty

    Fruity Looty Play now
  • Karaoke Stars

    Karaoke Stars Play now
  • Power Fruit

    Power Fruit Play now
    Every machine has its way with you, but none of them conquer your heart quite like Power Fruit. The looks and game play of this machine are simply mind-blowing! Everywhere you look, you see Mystery prizes, and the win meter keeps on filling up! Get a taste of the Power Fruit fun with 1 credit bets, and start winning big bucks in a flash by raising the stakes!